Even though Pedasi is a small town, the list of options of where to eat is ever-growing.  From local fare to spanish paella and middle-eastern food, you can find whatever will suit your tastes.  Below you’ll find a list of Pedasi’s restaurants and what they serve.

Smiley’s serves typical american diner food with a panamanian touch.  They have live music on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Bakery has amazing fresh bread, croissants, and rolls.  They also serve lunch specials with a middle-eastern influence: hummus, tahini, and labne (lebanese cheese).

Pedasito serves international food and great fresh fish. They are open late night for drinks and snacks.

Bienvenidush is a wine and cheese bar that has a lot to offer besides great vino y queso. Add to the list hummus, chocolate, pate, wraps, and cheesecakes.  They are open for lunch, closed for siesta, and open again at 6 for dinner.

Tiesto Pizza is Pedasi’s first pizzeria.  They are open for lunch and dinner and they serve sandwiches and baked goods as well as fresh pizza.

Chef Ricky serves chinese – panamanian cuisine.  It’s a favorite among the locals.

Pasta e Vino is an italian restaurant that has fresh and authentic pasta options every night, along with great focaccia, ceviche, and salads.

Fondas are a typical panamanian restaurant you can find in almost every neighborhood. They serve chicken, rice, beans, and other typical foods at cheap prices.

Mamallena’s is the ice cream shop in town.  Aside from ice cream, they have: shakes, malts, coffees, sweets, and sandwiches.

Villa Libada is a pizzeria and Italian restaurant located on the way to El Toro Beach.  They have awesome wood fired pizzas and all kinds of pasta and meat dishes.

Casita Margarita has breakfast and lunch options (sandwiches and salads), and on the weekends they served rotisserie chicken.

Segreto is an Italian restaurant that is conveniently located right next to the school (yum!).  They have raviolis and pastas, salads and soups, and only serve dinner.

There are many more restaurants in the area around Pedasi (El Limón, Los Destiladeros, Playa Venao), these are just the ones within walking distance.