Why Panama and Pedasi?
  • Panama, especially Pedasi, is tourist friendly.
  • Panama uses the US dollar for its currency.
  • Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America for tourists.
  • Panama is affordable, much less expensive than its neighbor Costa Rica.
  • Panama and Pedasi’s culture and traditions have deep roots in everyday life.
  • Panama has endless nature travel and ecotourism options.
  • Panama has world class surfing, fishing, sailing, diving, and snorkeling.
  • Panama is not overrun with tourists… yet.


About Pedasi

Located on the Azuero Peninsula in the Los Santos province of Panama, the small town of Pedasi is a tropical destination of choice for both expats and Panamanians alike.

Because of its geographic location, Pedasi enjoys ocean breezes and is within a short drive of several large beaches where you can surf, walk for miles, play in the ocean, or just lay in the sun.

The Azuero Peninsula is also one of the busiest in terms of festivals. From the desfile de las mil Polleras, to the always popular Carnivales, the province of Los Santos is ripe with culture and heritage.

And while most of Panama endures the “rainy season” from June through December, Pedasi typically receives much less rain and can go several days without a drop during these months. This makes Pedasi the perfect location for a great vacation any time of the year…and an even better spot to live!