We offer a variety of courses, so whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge of Spanish you will certainly be challenged.  If you know some Spanish, please take the placement test so we can have an idea of what your level is and place you in a course with other students at a similar level.  We offer:

Group Courses  –  Private Classes  –  Retiree Courses  –  Skype Lessons  –  Independent Study Though Your University


Group Course:  This course is designed as a total immersion course for students who are looking for an intensive approach to learning Spanish.  Classes can have 5 people maximum and are held 4 hours a day, generally from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm, with short breaks.  This leaves students free time in the afternoon to go on tours, explore, have a siesta in a hammock, or study more!  With this course, there is also the option to include either 5 or 10 hours per week of private lessons in the afternoon, and students can opt for 1-6 weeks of instruction.  Prices:

1 week:  $230

2 weeks:  $435

3 weeks:  $640                    

4 weeks:  $845

5 weeks:  $1050

6 weeks:  $1255


Group Course + 5 Hours of Private Instruction per Week

Weeks:        1                   2                    3                   4                    5                 6

Price:         $300            $575            $850            $1120            $1395           $1675


Group Course + 10 Hours of Private Instruction per Week

Weeks:        1                   2                    3                 4                      5                    6

Price:         $370            $710            $1055            $1395            $1750             $2095


Private Classes are pure one-on-one Spanish instruction.  Depending on if you are also participating in the group course, these classes are generally held in the afternoons during the week, Monday through Friday.

Weeks:               1                  2                  3                    4                 5                6

5 Hours:          $75              $150           $225            $295           $360          $430

10 Hours:        $150            $295           $435            $580           $735          $885

15 Hours:        $225            $435           $580            $875           $1100        $1325

20 Hours:        $295             $580           $875           $1155         $1450        $1745


Private Skype Lessons are the way to go if you want to continue or reinforce your Spanish learning from your own home.  They are one-on-one classes, individually designed to emphasize the areas you need to improve.  Please check for availability as time zone differences play a huge part in when your class will be scheduled.  Skype lessons are $15 an hour, and if you don’t have Skype already set up on your computer, our teachers can walk you through the easy process.


Jubilado Course

This is an ongoing course that is designed for retirees living in the area.  This course will teach you how to get by and hopefully thrive, at the supermarket, on the telephone, at a meeting with your lawyer, and any other Panamanian social situation you can think of.  _________________________________________________________________________

Independent Study Though Your University

An independent study can be arranged through your university in order to gain credit for total-immersion research and volunteer projects.  You and your university professors will work with the director of Buena Vida Language School to design a program that is appropriate for you and that expands on your academic interests.  These types of programs must be arranged in advance and are initiated by a recommendation from your professor and Letter of Intent written by you addressed to the director of Buena Vida Language School.  Please contact us for fees regarding this course.