7 Reasons to NOT Learn Spanish

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People come, people go. And we’ve seen a lot of people come and go to the Pedasi area here in Panama over the years that Buena Vida Language School has been open. We’re not overly aggressive when approaching expats about trying to learn Spanish. They’re adults – well, most of them; hence, they can make adult decisions. We just let them know we are here for them when they need us.

The majority of Expats in Pedasi do however, at some point, make their way to us at Buena Vida for some lessons. Some part-time students even continue their education back home via Skype to learn Spanish.

But, there are some people that we never see come to school, for whatever reason, possibly one of these which we have heard a few times before:

7 Reasons to Not Learn Spanish

#7. I’m too busy.

Buena Vida Language School offers a wide variety of course options; from an hour a week, to full immersion every day of the week.

#6. I prefer to learn Spanish from online courses rather than a class.

Nothing against Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, but nothing beats 1-on-1 dialogue, especially with a native speaker. We offer online classes via Skype where you can learn Spanish in the comfort of your own home.

#5. I’m not really good with languages.

Really? That’s a bit confusing because…you use one every day. Adults learn differently than children, and we can help with this learning style.

#4. I’m too old.

Are you dead? No? Good, then you’re NEVER too old. Stay young and keep that brain working, amigo!

#3. I don’t need to learn Spanish because I won’t be here long.

Locals appreciate even the smallest effort to speak their language. If you’re not going to be here too long, we can work with you to learn some basics. And by basics, we’re thinking a little more than “Dos cervezas por favor” and “¿Dónde están los baños?”.

#2. I don’t have a lot of money.

A lot of us can relate to that. How about a group class? They are very affordable, you get to meet others trying to learn Spanish, and you can practice with others as well. And if you have another language in your back pocket, it may open the doors for some employment opportunities, both here and back home.

#1. I tried to learn Spanish before but lost interest.

If somewhere along the way you’ve hit a wall, so to speak, or things have gotten stale for you, be it in class, online, or otherwise, just let us know and we’ll spice things up – we love picante!


Picture of Group Spanish Class
Try a group class!

We didn’t want to refer to these reasons to not learn Spanish as “excuses”. Everyone is different; something we embrace at Buena Vida Language School. That’s why we tailor our classes to suit the needs of the many. And didn’t some guy named Dickens say: the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? After all, your many Spanish neighbors need a few Expats to learn Spanish.


Hasta Pronto Amigos!