Come to this ‘paraiso’ not only to learn Spanish, but also to have an amazing cultural immersion and an incredible adventure experience, customized to your own interests.  We are located in  Pedasi, a charming little coastal town situated on the Azuero Peninsula of Panama, which some people adamantly claim contains the most vibrant culture in all of Panama.

Our school is small, so you will certainly get the one-on-one attention you need as a dedicated language learner.  Our dedicated teacher is passionate about teaching.  The school is run and administered by a Pedasi native with more than 8 years of language,  and teaching experience.

About Me – Dania

Something I have noticed in these almost 8 years teaching Spanish is that a smile makes my students feel at ease from the minute they walk in the door. I taught at Buena Vida Language School for four years before buying the school from the previous owner in 2016.  Now I wear all kinds of hats. 

I am from the Pedasi area, and I started  teaching English in the local school.  My  favorite part of this job is seeing in my students’ eyes the satisfaction of having learned something each day.