We believe the key to success is to have an excellent team.  In that aspect, we are truly fortunately to have such great teachers. Allow me to introduce you…


Teacher Dania

If there’s one thing all of our students say about Dania, it’s that her smile makes them at ease from the minute they walk in the door. She taught at Buena Vida Language School for four years before buying the school from the previous owner in 2016.  Now she wears all kinds of hats.  She is from the Pedasi area, and got her start teaching English in the local school.  Dania says her favorite part of the job is seeing in her students’ eyes the satisfaction of having learned something each day.


Dania is the core staff at the school, though during our busy season we work with a lot of other great teachers that help us when we have a lot of students.  Do you have a question for one of them?  Take advantage of our “Ask a Teacher” page if you need help with your Spanish homework, have a burning question, or are just plain stumped about something having to do with the Spanish language.