We love our students.  They love us.  It’s a mutual feeling, and here’s what some of them say about us:

“I spent a week at the school and it was superb! The course was what I needed to get started with Spanish and my teacher, Tamara, was excellent. Because my course was a 3 hour a day private lesson, Tamara tailored it to my needs.”

-Kathryn from California

“The best of the best.  I have studied languages in Hungary, Sicily, Ecuador, and Panama twice. Overall I have had about 10 different instructors. Without a doubt, Dania is the best of them all.”

-Lee from Texas

“We just moved to Panama for 7 months and thought we should start with getting the language down first. This school is great. They really cater to your needs and make sure you are comfortable where you are at. Ingrid sure knows how to run a school and all the teachers seem great but we love Dania.”

-Ronen from California

“I was there in May and I learned a lot in the 10 days I was at the school! The teacher was excellent and the owner is super friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better location as it’s in a small village and practically no one speaks English.”

-Caroline from Quebec

“We’ve enjoyed our lessons immensely, well; as much as a couple of fifty something people can without our brains exploding. Truly, we have been so fortunate to have amazingly patient teachers during our time with Buena Vida. I also can’t say enough about the high level of instruction and encouragement that we have received. The environment is relaxed, casual and fun but doesn’t take away from the importance of the lessons.”

-Karen from Edmonton

And if that’s not proof enough, check us out on Trip Advisor…