Preparing for The Spelling Bee

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One of the most frequent questions we get asked from our students is “are there any volunteer opportunities in Pedasi?”.  The short answer is: there are a TON of volunteer projects to get involved in.  Jo, one of our students from Canada, has found one of the most creative ways yet to volunteer at the local school.  She is helping a group of 7th graders prepare for the regional spelling bee that’s coming up on June 29th. They have been studying for about 1 month for the competition that will first take place at the public school in Pedasi, and then the finals in Las Tablas, a larger town nearby.  The kids are expected to spell words such as: miscellaneous, undernourished, and chrysanthemum. Those are some tough words to spell, even for native speakers!  When I asked Jo if the kids knew what all the words meant, she smiled and said, “at least some of them they do!”.

Pictured here are Jo, Ivan, and Alfonso studying hard in Jo’s air-conditioned living room.