Rain and Trees

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Whew!  What a relief to finally have some rain.  It was a long, hot summer that lasted a couple of months too long.  The rain usually brings us some relief from the heat and dryness around the end of May.  Normally, a typical dry season runs from December to May, and a typical rainy season runs from May or June to November.  A little overlap is always to be expected.  But this year, we had to wait until July for those little drops of relief.

Most tourists prefer to come during the dry season, because they believe that with all the rain we get, they won’t be able to do any of the touristy fun stuff.  This is partially true, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  Pedasi is located in the driest part of Panama, The Azuero Peninsula.  It’s what’s called here “El Arco Seco”, or “The Dry Arch”.  That means, our rainy season isn’t a true tropical rainy season that people imagine when they think about Central American winters, or rainy seasons.  To be honest, my favorite time of year is the rainy season.  It’s cooler, greener, lusher, just nicer.  And no, it doesn’t rain every day.  It can rain for a few days in a row, but generally we get sunshine between the showers.

One good thing that came from this small drought that we had, was that all the cattle farmers were scrambling to save their cows.  Less rain = less drinking water = less grass for the poor Panamanian cows in the area.  The farmers saw many of their cattle die this Spring, and now they’re brainstorming how to prevent this in the future.  So they want to plant trees!  How great is that?!  The local Santeños (how the people of this region call themselves) are known for loving to cut trees and clear land.  It’s part of their culture.  They are cow people.  It’s a bit of a problem if you ask me.  But now, they are realizing that in order to keep the ecosystem intact (i.e. keep their cows fed and watered), they need to replant some of those hundreds of trees they have cut down over the last 50 years.

So, I am thankful for the rain.  I am also thankful for that little drought because it opened some eyes.  And today, I’m thankful that the land is green, the weather is cool, and the sun is shining.