President of Panama Losing Facebook Competition

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A guest blog post from another Spanish School in Panama we HIGHLY recommend:

PANAMA CITY, Panama (March 27, 2012) The President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, is unlikely to receive enough votes to win; a Facebook competition that is. The President posed for a photo for an online contest run by a Spanish language school in Panama City and is currently in 6th place for the most “likes”.

The competition on Casco Antiguo Spanish School’s Facebook page asks people to pose for a photo with the school’s signs, with the photo receiving the most “likes” to win a week of intensive Spanish lessons and trip to the San Blas Islands in the Caribbean. The school’s owner David Gold, a Connecticut native, began this social media campaign in January after the Spanish School’s grand opening. Gold snapped a photo with President Martinelli holding the signs at the Panama Jazz Festival and the competition exploded.

“He was very friendly and happy to help,” Gold says of President Martinelli. The President of Panama is likely to lose the Learn Spanish and Visit the Islands competition, which ends on Saturday. He currently in 6th place and trails behind a Canadian woman, a scuba instructor, and pair of teenage girls.

Casco Antiguo Spanish School teaches Spanish to visitors from abroad and expats and has become immensely popular among those looking for something a more authentic travel experience. The school offers accommodation, adventure tours, and volunteer placement. “Some people go on vacation and come back with a tan, others come back speaking a new language” says Gold.

Casco Antiguo Spanish School offers private and small group Spanish classes, accommodation, adventure tours, and volunteer placement in Panama City’s Old Quarter. The school is located in the heart of Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has week long packages including study, accommodation, and travel from $395/week. For more information visit their website: or email

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