Living in Panama

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Recently I had the honor of speaking at an International Living conference at the Riu Hotel in Panama City.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this magazine, definitely check it out:  It is chock-full of great information on the best spots to live abroad.  The conference was a big success, with around 360 attendees mostly from the United States and Canada.

I made two speeches; I talked about what it was like to set up a business in Panama, and what it is like to learn Spanish here.  I got to know many fantastic people who I hope to keep in touch with; even a few fellow South Dakotans!  Bob and Laura, from Sioux City, Iowa, actually even made it to Pedasí after the conference for a visit!  Thanks for the wine Bob and Laura!  My in-laws are very excited to see you in Tel Aviv!

Throughout my time at the conference, what really surprised me was that there are so many people chomping at the bit to get the heck out of the United States.  I guess because I relocated out of the United States in my twenties, I never realized just how much better it is to live here for a number of reasons.  In Panama we have no cold weather, there is fresh fruit and fish all year round, I enjoy much slower pace of life and a much lower cost of living.  I could go on and on really…

I guess the bottom line is, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to speak at this conference, and for the eye opener on just how great it is to live where I live.

-Ingrid Senne, Owner/Director at Buena Vida Language School